Raipur Police Bust Illegal Liquor Racket

RAIPUR: In a major action on Friday, the Raipur police busted an illegal liquor racket and arrested 3 smugglers. A total of 81.75 liters of English liquor was seized from the possession of three smugglers police said.

The first accused identified as Ganesh Jain, a resident of Devpuri Raipur had around 72 bottles of liqour in the car boot. Meanwhile, in another incident accused Loknath Kosle resident Jamgaon Dhamtari reportedly possessed 2 bottles of liqour which were to be sold in Haryana.

The last accused is identified as Harishankar Jaiswal, resident of Purgaon district Balodabazar who had 9 bottles of liqour.

A case is registered under the Excise Act.

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