Corona Update: Raipur reported its second positive case of Corona Virus; Making it the third case of the State

Chhattisgarh: Another case of Corona virus has been reported from Raipur. Within just a day, Chhattisgarh has confirmed two positive cases of COVID-19. In Chhattisgarh, so far a total of three Corona positive patients have been found. The AIIMS Director along with officials of the Health Department has confirmed this news.

According to the sources, the Corona positive patient lives near Subhash Stadium in Raipur. Recently he returned from London. Currently, he is kept in quarantine in AIIMS. Right now, it is being said that Chhattisgarh is still on stage 1 of Corona virus.

After 3 cases of corona virus has been reported, all the officials of the Health Department has conducted a meeting and it is decided to keep maximum vigilance about the spread of infection in the meeting.

Earlier, in the capital Raipur, There was just one positive case of Corona Virus of a woman, the woman returned from London on 15th March, has been quarantined since then in AIIMS,Raipur.

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