Raipur: Road Traffic Accident Reported on Raipur-Bilaspur National Highway; Driver Rescued Alive

Story Highlights
  • Heavy-weight vehicle collision reported
  • Three hours of rescue operation performed
  • Hedra and cutter used to split the rammed vehicles

Raipur: A road traffic incident was reported near Kolhan Nala on Raipur-Bilaspur National Highway on Friday (26 March) morning. Two heavy-weight trailers clashed which resulted in a cabin nudging into each other. 

According to the information, a 10-wheel vehicle (CG 29A 6078) coming from Ramanujganj Surajpur, carrying Paddy, rammed into a 12-wheeled vehicle (CG 12 AP 1049) filled with coal on the roadside. The speeding vehicle damaged the rear part of the stationary coal-laden vehicle damaged its cabin and trapped the driver.

Dharsinwa TI Narendra Banchor reached the spot along with the police force immediately at 5 am after the incident was reported. After three hours of the rescue operation, the moderately injured driver was evacuated. As the rescue operation seemed a difficult task, the road construction company’s Hedra and cutter were used. With the help of the cutter, the damaged vehicle was cut which made easy access to the driver. The driver identified as Ajay was sent to Dharsiwa Hospital for treatment.  

According to the police, the 12-wheel coal-laden vehicle was carrying the steel Godavari coal of Siltra. Investigations are being conducted for desolating the coal-laden vehicle.

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