Raipur Skywalk Construction Irregularities; ACB and EOW to Investigate Matter

Story Highlights
  • Irregularities were found in the Sky Walk construction by the CG govt
  • ACB and EOW were asked to intervene and investigate the matter
  • The Rs 77 cr project was prepared in 2 phases to avoid PFIC approval need

Raipur, Chhattisgarh: The government of Chhattisgarh has decided to hand over the matter of investigation to ACB and EOW after prima facie irregularities were found in the Sky Walk construction case. The Rupees 77 crore project was deliberately prepared in 2 phases to avoid the need for approval from PFIC. Through PFIC, any project is examined in relation to the public interest, which has not been done in the case of the Sky Walk construction in Raipur.

Apparently, while the notification of Vidhansabha Election 2018 was in progress, the revision proposal was prepared by the Public Works Department and sent to the Finance Department on December 05, 2018, which is a clear violation of the code of conduct. It is clear that this work has been done for the purpose of giving undue benefit to the officials and the contractor of the department.

The first tender for the construction of Sky Walk was issued by the Public Works Department on February 4, 2017, and only 15 days were given to submit the tender. Till February 4, administrative approval was also not received from the Finance Department in the case. No need and justification has been shown for the tender of only 15 days, nor has competent approval been obtained.

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