Raipur: Student Demands Evaluation Based on Class 10 Results

Story Highlights
  • 37,000 students follow CBSE for class 12
  • 15,000 out of them belong to Raipur
  • Students demand contemplation of class 10 results for class 12 evaluations

Raipur: After the Centre announced the cancellation of Class 12 CBSE and ISCE board exams, a sigh of relief spread across the students and parents. However, students from Raipur with meritorious results of the Class 10 grade have put forth their demands of awarding the marks based on the 10th class. 

Favouring evaluation from the 10-grade results, Riddhi Agarwal, a student of Commerce from DPS Raipur, said, “Neither schools nor children had any experience in online exams and classes, as well as children were mentally unstable about the future of their exams. Therefore, the evaluation should be done on the standard results of Class 10 and 11.” 

As per the state education department, the state has 37,000 students who belong to the CBSE affiliated schools. Out of these, 15,000 are reported to be from Raipur. Similarly, 4,000 students come from ICSE affiliated schools, stated the department. 

As per the centre’s direction, the board will award marks based on the internal assessments conducted during the academic session. Additionally, the PM has proposed a scheduled examination for students who demand re-evaluation. 

Students across the state issue their statements of contentment on the idea proposed by the centre. Samriddhi Agarwal, 12th Commerce, KPS Raipur, said,” We were under constant mental stress because of the corona. We were in full preparation for the exam. You can plan at least further after the cancellation of the examination, but there is concern about the basis for admission to the college.”

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