Raipur: Tea Trader caught Swindling; Case Registered by HUL officials

Story Highlights
  • JS Trader owner charged under charges of fraud and violation of the Copy Rights Act
  • The case was reported to Gol Bazar Police

Raipur: Hindustan Unilever reports a fraudulent case. The Officers and the Police Officials seized fake tea leaves and cosmetic creams of the branded company. It is reported that Rs 6 lakh eleven thousand have been recovered from JN Traders operator Manish Jayasinghani. 

According to Gol Bazar Police, the proprietor of JN Traders was selling fake tea leaves in the name of Brooke Bond and cosmetic cream Fair and lovely from Hindustan Unilever. In the purview of repeated complaints, the company executives raided JN Traders.

Booked under Section 17 of the Indian Contract Act and THE COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957. The police officers raided the JN Traders Godown at Naya Para after officials from HUL arrived from Mumbai.

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