Raipur: Transport Department in the COVID Cloak; Nearly 20 Airport Employees Infected and 14 Dead in Railway Sector

Story Highlights
  • Airports and Railways report a drastic rise in cases
  • Indigo airlines record 20 infected employees
  • Railways reports 14 deaths

Raipur: COVID has shattered the Transport Sector of Raipur. Airport and Railway staff are reported to contribute to the constant rise. Sources reveal staff from Indigo Airlines have contracted the virus too. Nearly 5 employees of the airlines have been admitted to the hospital while 15 others are instructed home isolation. With the surge spread across the nation, the city registered a drop in its airport passengers to 2,000 per day from 4,000.

Around 4 to 8 flights are being cancelled reportedly owing to the surge.  More than 40 flights were cancelled in a week, for which the passengers are reimbursed.

 Several employees of Raipur Railway Division also tested positive for the virus.  The wagon repair shop in the WRS colony on Tuesday reported an uproar among the employees. Nearly 200 employees have been infected. An outrage is observed amongst the employees after 14 employees got infected despite following the norms.

Earlier the workshop chief was urged to shut down the outlet or reduce the number of employees per day. On Monday, the municipal corporation sent a second notice asking him to follow the guidelines in the matter.

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