Raj Kundra Case: Sherlyn Chopra Grilled For 8 Hours; Says She “Wants Justice” For All

Story Highlights
  • Raj Kundra remains in custody as bail plea rejected
  • Sherlyn Chopra is one of the prime suspects of the entire porn racket
  • After getting grilled for 8 hours she cries foul play

Bollywood: Life came to a standstill for the Shetty-Kundra household when Raj Kundra was arrested in relation to a pornography racket that the Mumbai police busted last month. Despite several attempts to get bail, the court kept rejecting the plea of the prominent businessman. In a recent development, one of the prime suspects in the case, Sherlyn Chopra said she was falsely dragged to the fiasco and that she “wants justice” for all other innocent girls who were also foul played by them.

The long hours of interrogation by the officials brought out several statements by Chopra. In one statement she revealed, “A few days back, the investigating officer of the property cell sent a summon, under section 160 CRPC. I appeared before the officers today and they asked me to share information about Armsprime media and everything related to Raj Kundra. I did what I asked for. I reached this morning (6th August) at around 11: 30 am and the interrogation has been going on since then. They asked me about my agreement with Armsprime and what the terms and conditions of the contract were. They even asked about how many videos I shot with them and who all were a part of the content production”.

She further said that like her, she also wants justice for all other innocent people involved in the whole fiasco. She went on to say, “They also asked, ‘Raj Kundra k sath mere kaise sambandh the (what was your equation with Raj Kundra)’ and what about the other companies owned by him, do you have any information about them? The whole day was spent sharing the information. Even I asked if there are any more questions, please ask as I want justice for all the women, artists who have been victims of this pornography racket. The property cell officers told me that this is not a vendetta against any person but we want to bust this pornography racket. So, I want to request everyone through your medium (media/news) that if anyone knows anything related to this racket, please come forward and share the information with the police”. Meanwhile, Kundra is set to be in police custody till Aug 20 as the court rejected his bail plea last day.

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