Rajya Sabha Registers a Loss 60 out of 78 Working Hours in First Three Weeks of Monsoon Session

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  • Rajya Sabha records productivity of 24.2 percent against the previous week
  • 60 of the 78 hours of time of the house lost due to agitations staged by opposition
  • 197 Zero Hour and 153 special mention occasions off-coursed

New Delhi: Sources from Secretariat on Saturday reported that the productivity of the Rajya Sabha in the third week of the monsoon session of parliament has scaled to 24.2 per cent, compared to the previous week. 

During this week, 68 members of Rajya Sabha from 17 parties discussed eight bills. 

Since the inception of the monsoon session this year, 60 of the 78 hours of time of the house were lost due to agitations by the opposition. Further, 197 Zero Hour and 153 special mention occasions were lost. 

The Parliament has witnessed several adjournments over multiple issues raised by the opposition. 

On Tuesday, addressing Trinamool MP Santanu Sen’s unethical behaviour, PM Modi slammed the opposition, saying repeated adjournments forced by the opposition were “an insult to the constitution… to democracy and to the public”. 

Following which, on Wednesday six Trinamool Congress MPs were ordered to leave the Rajya Sabha for rest of the day over “grossly disorderly” behaviour, after they entered the well of the house and protested with placards protesting over the Pegasus scandal. 

In the first week of the monsoon session, the Rajya Sabha witnessed a gross reduction from 32.2 per cent to 13.7 per cent in the second. Consecutively, the Upper House has recorded a productivity of 22.60 per cent.

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