Rat Bitten Patient Dies in Hospital ICU; 2 Doctors Suspended

Story Highlights
  • A 38 year old man was bit by a rat in MGM Hospital Warangal.
  • The patient was diagnosed with liver and lung related ailments with a history of chronic alcoholism.
  • Respiratory ICU head of department suspended and the hospital superintendent transferred.

Hyderabad: A 38-year-old man, in the ICU of Warangal’s MGM Hospital died due to heavy bleeding after a rat bite. The patient breathed his last after being shifted to NIMS Hyderabad, sources said.

Reportedly, the man, a chronic alcoholic was undergoing treatment at the Respiratory Intermediate Care Unit (RICU) at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital for his damaged liver and pancreas since March 26th. He was put on ventilator and had suffered a cardiac attack twice earlier once at a private hospital and another at MGM.

The Director of NIMS Hospital Hyderabad said that the pt was a chronic alcoholic and was diagnosed with liver and lung-related ailments for which he was admitted to MGM Warangal. He added that the patient did not die due to the rat bite but due to another cardiac attack that he suffered while being transferred to NIMS.

“Even on the way to NIMS, he suffered a heart attack and came with a very poor pulse and BP (blood pressure),” he said. “The death happened due to these complications and not due to rat bite,” he said.

The incident occurred on March 30th, when the brother of the patient saw the rate biting the finger and created a ruckus demanding immediate shifting of the ward.

Following the shocking incident, the respiratory ICU head of the department had been suspended and the hospital superintendent was transferred. Two duty doctors whose contract ends this month were also removed.

The contractor responsible for sanitation has also been blacklisted. Anger gripped amongst public as MGM hospital is one of the prestigious govt hospitals in Telangana.

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