Reinstate Sacked Official: Petitioners in Gyanvapi Case

Story Highlights
  • Petitioners demand reinstation of sacked top official.
  • A top official was sacked on Tuesday during the hearing by the apex court.
  • The court claimed the official employed private videographer who leaked classified information.

New Delhi: In the latest development of the Gyanvapi mosque case, the petitioners who claimed the presence of idols of gods and goddesses in the mosque asks the court to reinstate the top official sacked during the hearing on Tuesday.

Ajay Mishra-a commissioner engaged in supervising the videography of the mosque under controversy was dismissed by the SC for employing a private videographer in the survey who leaked the confidential information, sparking a row of communal tension. The court calling the official ‘irresponsible’ sacked him.

After the hearing on Tuesday, the mosque management committee denied the claims of a Shivling near the area people carry out ablutions. The committee claimed it to be a part of the fountain mechanism at the reservoir.

Ajay Mishra conducted the court-mandated survey on May 6 and 7th. He was dismissed following a complaint by Vishal Singh who was later appointed commissioner. According to the court, Mishra engaged his own cameraman for the survey who has been feeding wrong bites to the media.

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