Remote EVM Prototype Ready for Migrants, 1 Machine for 72 Constituencies

Story Highlights
  • Election commission developed a prototype of remote EVM for domestic overseas voters
  • It can control remote voting in 72 constituencies from a single booth
  • This will benefit migrants living away from home and increase vote turnout

New Delhi: Voting is a constitutional right of every adult. But many people are unable to vote due to being away from their homes. But now the Election Commission has come up with such a solution that even people living away from home will be able to vote. According to reports, the Election Commission has developed a prototype of a remote EVM voting machine for domestic overseas voters. It can control remote voting in 72 constituencies from a single booth.

“Voter turnout in General Elections 2019 was 67.4% and the Election Commission of India is concerned about the issue of over 30 crore electors not exercising their franchise,” Election Commission officials said regarding the move. They further added, “It is understood that there are multifarious reasons for a voter not opting to register in a new place of residence, thus missing out on exercising the right to vote. Inability to vote due to internal migration (domestic migrants) is one of the prominent reasons.”

The technical and legal boundaries of the move are being considered now before it is implemented on the ground zero level. As per reports, if this comes into effect then it will be able to accept votes from voters living far away from their hometowns. It is programmed in a way that it will switch to the person according to his/her constituency during voting. This move shall benefit a lot of people working or living overseas and is sure to increase the vote percentage as well. 

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