Reports of Non-availability of Evidence Against Aryan Khan are False: Probing Officer

Story Highlights
  • NCB DDG Sanjay Singh probing Drugs on Cruise denies media reports claiming Aryan ‘s innocence.
  • Several media reports made rounds stating NCB found no evidences against Aryan in the drugs on cruise case.
  • Aryan Khan was arrested from Goa bound Cordelia cruise ship during a raid on October 2nd.

“It is highly premature to say that there is no evidence against Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the Cordelia cruise ship drug case, said Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Deputy Director General (DDG) Sanjay Singh, who is currently heading the Special Investigation Team (SIT)

His statement to the reporters read- “The media reports on non-availability of evidence against Aryan Khan are not true and just speculations. These statements were not cross-checked with NCB before being published.” He stated that the new reports were mere ‘speculations’ and that the agency had not yet cross-checked the statements.

‘Media reports surfaced claiming that there was no evidence to prove the mega stars’ son was involved in the international drug conspiracy. However, the Bombay High Court relieved Aryan Khan who was arrested from Cordelia Cruise Yacht on the intervening nights of October 2 and 3rd. After interrogation, Aryan was placed under judicial custody and was relieved after a series of rejections. So far 20 have been arrested including 2 Nigerian nationals. The SIT is currently seeking a legal opinion. The case was taken over by Sanjay Singh after accusations against Sameer Wankhede being involved in bribery and extortion surfaced

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