Reports on Cyrus Mistry Accident Submitted

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  • Mercedes company and RTO submit report on Mistry accident.
  • Mercedes claimed the car was at 100kmph five seconds before the accident.
  • A team from Hongkong to fly in to analyse the vehicle damage.

New Delhi: In the latest development of the Cyrus Mistry death, the luxury car makers on Thursday submitted their probe report to the Palghar Police mentioning the vehicle was going at 100 kilometres per hour (kmph) five seconds before the accident. The speed came down to 89 kmph after Anahita applied the brakes and the collision took place, said the company further.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) also submitted their primary report to the police, sources said. In its reports, the officer said four airbags opened after the crash. The report read- the four airbags that opened include one in front of the driver’s head, one airbag near the driver’s knees, a ‘curtain airbag’ that opened above the driver’s head and one airbag that opened in front of the passenger’s seat in the front.

The company has said it will take the vehicle involved in the accident to its showroom on September 12 where a team from Hong Kong will come to inspect the car and will give a detailed report.

Former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole died in a car accident on Sunday in what is being said as a misjudgement by the driver. Dr Anahita Pandole, Darius Pandole who sat in thr front row with the former driving the vehicle.

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