Reused and Reimagined- Structures to Host Winter Olympics

Story Highlights
  • Several venues in Beijing were repurposed.
  • The National Aquatics centre and Capital indoor stadium were redesigned.
  • Beijing is set to host the Winter Olympics from 4th February.

Beijing: In a bid to host the most eco-friendly Olympics, Chinese organisers made the most of the existing venues. Several of the iconic structures are being refurbished or reused while Beijing bets to host the Winter Olympics in a historic style. With the pandemic throwing in tight slots, the architecture for the Winter Olympics brought a tough school of thought.

The National Aquatics centre neighbouring the National stadium was turned into an Ice cube for the upcoming curling event. Meanwhile, the Capital Indoor Stadium has also been revamped to host short-track speedskating and figure skating.

Another most striking structure for the Beijing Games is the National Alpine Ski Centre acclaimed as the most conservational track in history.  However, controversies over the ski track being built in the core area of Songshan National Nature Reserve has been much hyped. Despite clarifications by the authorities, netizens fell reluctant towards accepting the idea of – an eco-friendly conservational ski Center.

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