Revised Guidelines for Home Isolation of COVID Patients

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  • Centre issues revised guidelines for home isolation of mild and asymptomatic.
  • Home isolation mandated for 7 days.
  • Vaccinated caretaker advised for the patient.

New Delhi: The Centre on Wednesday issued fresh guidelines for home isolation of mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. Such cases usually recover with minimal interventions and accordingly may be managed at home under proper medical guidance the Health Ministry quoted today.

As per the statement issued by the health ministry, patients under home isolation will stand discharge and end isolation at least 7 days later from the day of testing positive and no fever for 3 successive days. It has discarded the need for re-testing post the isolation period.

Following are the patients eligible for home isolation:

The infected individual should be categorized under mild or asymptomatic clinical presentation by the treating medical officer. A designated contact number will be provided to the family to get appropriate guidance for treatment.

A vaccinated caretaker has been set as a pre-requisite for the duration of home isolation. The caretaker forms the communication link between the two.

All aged patients with co-morbidities shall be taken additional care under proper therapy of the existing conditions.

Infected individuals suffering from immunocompromised conditions are advised to render hospital care and avoid home isolation.

Along with isolation from all family members, the patient is advised to stay in a well-ventilated room with cross ventilation. A triple layer medical mask should be worn at all times and discarded after every 8 hours of use. In the event of the caretaker in the room; N-95 masks as advised. Self-monitoring of vitals and maintaining proper sanitation are amongst the guidelines for the patient.

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