“Revive Your Ties”, says Chief Jens of NATO to Overcome China’s Bullying

Story Highlights
  • China's military and Economic growth a global threat, says Chief of NATO
  • Requests US and EU to call off cold wars
  • NATO gears up to battle China supremacy

World: Chief Jens Stoltenberg called for the US and EU to fettle their terms to combat diplomacy “over the world ” by China.  Addressing the Asia-Pacific region members The NATO chief said,” The rise of China poses some serious challenges. China is an authoritarian country that doesn’t share our values. They will soon have the biggest economy in the world. They already have the second-largest defence budget.

They’re investing heavily in new modern military capabilities. And I strongly believe that NATO should remain a regional alliance, North America and Europe.” He delineated China’s behaviour as ” undermining the rule of law”. He appreciated President Biden’s approach towards reinstalling positivity between NATO and the US. He described the threats and challenges the Asia-Pacific region will endure as the rise of China will shift the global balance of power. 

He further said,” We’ve also seen a more aggressive China and China also threatening Taiwan and other countries, bullying countries all over the world. And this behaviour is undermining the rule of law, the international rules-based order, and that’s also an argument for NATO Allies standing together and working with partners, including in the Asia Pacific region.”

However, the 30 European and North American alliance has faced a tough term during Former US Presidents rule, who threatened repeatedly to withdraw from the group.  

NATO isn’t large enough by itself, joining The US and EU in the organization accounts for 50% of world’s GDP.  So, if you’re concerned about the rise of China, the military and economic strength of China, that makes it even more important that we stand together, Europe and North America in NATO,” Stoltenberg said.

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