‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse to be witness tomorrow, June 21 at 9:58 AM

On Sunday, ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse, the annual solar eclipse, a rare celestial event. This is taking place on the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, on the summer solstice, being the first eclipse of the year. 

 The path of the annular solar eclipse will start near Gharsana in Rajasthan around 10:12 am and the phase of annularity will begin around 11:49 am and end at 11:50 am. 

As the percentage of obscuration of the Sun by the Moon will be different in all the states, people will be able to view a partial solar eclipse. It will be around 94 per cent in New Delhi, 80 per cent in Guwahati, 78 per cent in Patna, 75 per cent in Silchar, 66 per cent in Kolkata, 62 per cent in Mumbai, 37 per cent in Bangalore, 34 per cent in Chennai, 28 per cent in Port Blair.

It can be seen around Anupgarh, Suratgarh, Sirsa, Jakhal, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Tapowan and Joshimat. 

Timings of the partial eclipse will vary in all states, like Mumbai will witness it between 10 am to 1:27 pm, Bengaluru from 10.13 am and 1.31 pm, New Delhi from 10:20 am to 1:48 pm, in Chennai from 10:22 am to 1:41 pm, and Kolkata from 10:46 am to 2:17 pm.

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