Road Safety In India; Status And Challenges

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  • The theme for this year’s National Road Safety Week is ‘Sadak Suraksha - Jeevan Raksha.’

Mishaps on the road have emerged as one of the most important societal challenges that the country is coping with as road transportation grows more crowded and other modes of transportation become more widely available. According to official data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India ranks #1 among 199 nations in terms of the number of deaths caused by road accidents. The data is clear enough to show that road safety is a significant public health issue. The Government of India, in partnership with several state governments, marks National Road Safety Week from January 11th to January 17th to recognise the gravity of the situation and to educate people about measures to improve their road safety.

For the 30th year, the National Road Safety Week will be commemorated, emphasising the necessity of prioritising safety when travelling by any mode of transportation, whether two or four wheels. ‘Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha’ is the theme for this year’s National Road Safety Week. The campaign emphasises numerous steps people may take to comply with government safety laws and, as a result, keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Every year, road accidents claim the lives of tens of thousands of people throughout India. Despite the COVID-19-induced limitations and national lockdown, almost 80,000 people were killed in vehicle accidents, according to sources. As a result, the National Road Safety Week is critical in raising public awareness about how to avoid such tragedies and in educating them about the sad consequences of disregarding road safety measures. To commemorate the week, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways hosts a variety of programmes, initiatives, and competitions. This includes things like a Slogan Writing Contest, a Poster Making Competition, and a Road Safety Quiz, among other things.

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