Rs 1000 for Every Woman Under Ladli Behen Yojana: CM Chauhan

BHOPAL: After the success of the Ladli Laxmi Yojana, the MP CM announced the Ladli Behan Yojana in the state. The announcement was made while CM Chauhan addressed a gathering on the occasion of Narmada Jayanthi.

Under this scheme, women irrespective of caste or category will be given Rs 1,000 a month to get financially empowered. Chouhan said, “Today, on the occasion of Narmada Jayanti and on the holy banks of Narmada, there was Ladli Lakshmi Yojana for girls and now Ladli Bahna Yojana will be made for the poor and lower middle-class women of the state, irrespective of caste or category. Whether it is general class, backward class, scheduled caste, tribal, what is the difference? Sisters are sisters and now, such sisters will be given Rs 1,000 every month.

He further added that the money would be deposited every month in the accounts of the beneficiaries of every eligible family so that they could become financially empowered. “It is estimated that around Rs 60,000 crore will be spent in this scheme in five years,” CM Chouhan said.

It is worth noting that the MP govt had launched the Ladli Laxmi Yojana and a revised version of the scheme in the state for the upliftment of the girl child in society. Ladli Laxmi Yojana is considered one of the most successful Yojnas in the state.

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