Rs 21 Crore Betting Racket Busted; 15 Detained So Far

Durg: Ever since CM Bhupesh Baghel directed the state police to tighten their grip on online betting and gambling. Several such rackets have been busted and online betters with huge caches have been detained.

In a recent crackdown, the Durg Police has nabbed suspects whose accounts indicate transactions with the Mahadev betting App, Reddy Anna Website and Ambani Online Betting App. The police in its investigation have detected transactions of Rs 21 crore through thousands of accounts. Account holders of all 15 accounts hinting suspicious activities have been detained and are being interrogated for further details into the syndicate.

As far as the seizure of other belongings during the raid is considered 31 mobile phones, 10 laptops, A computer set up with 3 keyboards and one CPU, and 4 mouse have been recovered. 3 internet-providing routers have also been seized in addition to 24 ATM cards, and 16 chequebooks.

Centres running betting using theses apps are under the radar of Anti Crime and Cyber Unit of Durg.

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