Rs 26,000 Defrauded In the Name Of Credit Card Cancellation

Story Highlights
  • Cybercrime in Bhopal.
  • Rs 26,000 withdrawn in the name of cancellation of SBI credit card.
  • A complaint has been filed against the accused.

Bhopal: A case of cyber crime has been registered at the Govindpura police station. Sources report a cyber thief initiated a transaction from an account holder of the SBI bank. As per the information given in the cardholder had contacted the SBI customer service line to request the cancellation of his credit card. 

Amod Anand, a private employee, resident of  Gautam Nagar near LIG 223 Chetak Bridge had issued a request for closing his credit card account on November 6. However, he couldn’t connect with the IVR.  Following his attempt, on the same day, he received a call from the numbers -9883167582, 8514088185, who claimed to be the credit card officer from SBI. Identified as Rahul Singh it is reported that Amod had a conversation with him regarding the cancellation for the card’s following which Rs 26, 000 were deducted.

Amod called Rahul after the deduction from the card. He continued to make fraudulent promises to pay the money.  The phone then stopped receiving calls. When Amod realized the accused was not going to return the money, he filed a complaint to the Cyber Crime Police.

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