‘Rs 74 Lakh For 72 Lakh Fake Views,’ ‘Badshah Pays for his Song

Story Highlights
  • Social media followers racket busted.
  • Badshah bought views for his song ‘Pagal for Rs 74 lakhs.
  • 446-page charge sheet been filed.

Mumbai: Last year, the Mumbai Police Department discovered a racket that aimed to boost celebrities’ and influencers’ social media followings. Badshah, a singer-rapper, was also mentioned in this case. The song ‘Pagal’ has been viewed 75 million on YouTube in the 24 hours following its release on Sony Music’s YouTube page on July 11 claimed.

Within 24 hours, ‘Pagal’ had become the most viewed music in the world. Following this, claims surfaced that Badshah had purchased views for his song ‘Pagal.’ In this instance, a 446-page charge sheet has been filed. Badshah is believed to have paid 74 lakh rupees to get 72 lakh views for his track.

This charge sheet has the names of 11 Panches, 25 witnesses, and five defendants. Four of the five defendants have been arrested. Badshah and actress Koyna Mitra are both named as witnesses in this lawsuit.

Badshah said that he wanted to advertise the song through Qyuki Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. for Rs 74,26,370, which included 18 percent GST. After speaking with Sony Music’s Pawanesh Panju, Badshah decided to take this action.

Mahendra Patel, CFO of Qyuki Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., gave a statement to the criminal section, which stated Sony Music’s Jai Mehta asked him to promote the song in this interview. Mahendra goes on to say that Badshah’s song “Pagal” was promoted by his firm, in liwu of which , he received Rs 74,26,370.

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