RTA Reported From Bilaspur; Pillion dead, Minor Rider Injured

Story Highlights
  • A bike accident reported from Navagaon of Kota area.
  • Pillion dead on spot, minor rider seriously injured.
  • Minor receiving medical treatment in SIMS.

Bilaspur: Two individuals from Bilaspur were killed in a road accident involving the two-wheeler running into a pillar on Friday. The accident is reported from the Navagaon of Kota area.

 Out of the two ridings, the pillion identified as PurnaramBirko a middle-aged resident from Takathpur was pronounced dead on arrival after the eyewitnesses rushed them to the hospital. Meanwhile, the rider, identified as Aniket is a minor who is seriously injured and admitted to the SIMS hospital for medical aid.

Police officials took charge of the situation as soon as they were informed and sent the dead body for postmortem.  Sources revealed that PurnaramBirko had arrived in Bilaspur on Friday morning to attend a relative funeral and was residing at his son in law GulzarPalak’s residence. The grandfather and the grandson, reportedly took off a bike journey on the same afternoon following which the incident occurred after Aniket lost control and rammed into a pillar due to overspeeding.

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