Russia Claims To Capture Lysychansk

Story Highlights
  • Ambassador to Russia of pro- Moscow said, Lysychansk is under control.
  • Zelenskyy said that Ukraine’s last big bastion in eastern Luhansk could lead to the city falling.
  • European Investment Bank is proposing a fund for Ukraine re-development.

Lysychansk: The Russia- Ukraine war started almost 5 months back is taking turns and shifts with each passing day. Ukraine has withdrawn its forces from the bombed- out city of Lysychansk on Monday, allowing Russia to take full control of the eastern Luhansk region. Though President Zelenskyy is vowing to regain the lost territory, Russian Defence Minister termed this event as the liberation of the Luhansk region by Moscow and its allies.

In a statement released by the Luhansk Governor on Monday, he said that the Russian troops will now try to capture Donetsk region. Meanwhile, Russian forces on Sunday did powerful shelling through rocket launchers costing the lives of six people as claimed by Mayor Lyakh’s telegram handle.

Amidst all this, good news coming for Ukraine is by the officials of European Investment Bank. The lending arm of Europian Union has reportedly promised 100 billion euros of investment to rebuild Ukraine and recover the country from the war damage. Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited three war ravaged towns in Ukraine on Sunday.

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