Russia Plans to Attack Kyiv with 2 Lakh Soldiers, EU Impose Restrictions

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  • The attack has so far been concentrated in the east and south of Ukraine
  • General Valery Zalujny expressed fears that Russia would target Kyiv again
  • A special contingent of two lakh soldiers is being prepared for this, he says

Ukraine: Instead of bettering the situation in the Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for the last 10 months, there is a danger of it getting worse. Now the army chief of Ukraine has claimed that Russia is preparing two lakh soldiers to attack the capital Kyiv. On the other hand, the European Union (EU) imposed new sanctions on Russia on Thursday. EU has also announced to help Ukraine. 

The fighting has so far been concentrated in the east and south of Ukraine, but General Valery Zalujny, speaking to a British magazine, expressed fears that Russia would target Kyiv again. He is preparing a special contingent of two lakh soldiers for this, claims the General.

Ukrainian army commander-in-chief Zalujny has expressed apprehension that Russia may launch a fresh attack on Kyiv in the early months of 2023. “Russia is preparing about 200,000 new soldiers. There is no doubt that he will march on Kyiv once more. In view of this, we have to prepare. For the next few months, a stock of reserve soldiers and military material will have to be prepared”, Zalujny said in an interview with a leading daily.

Apparently, on February 24 this year, Russia attacked Ukraine. They wanted to quickly capture Kyiv but were stopped a few kilometers away by the Ukrainian army. For this reason, Russia called back the army from this area in March and April. Meanwhile, the EU announced new sanctions on Thursday in a bid to step up pressure on Russia over the war in Ukraine. 

Along with this, the EU also announced to give aid to Ukraine. The EU approved the new restrictions after several days of consultations with ambassadors from 27 countries. About 200 more Russians have been blacklisted in the new sanctions. Along with sanctions on Russia’s mining, a price cap has also been imposed on oil exports. Apart from this, the EU also announced an aid of 18 billion euros to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked leaders of the 27 EU member states to deliver energy equipment and air defense systems at a meeting in Brussels. 

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