Russia to Deploy Circus Artists and Musicians in Frontline to Boost Morale

Story Highlights
  • Russian Defense Ministry announced the formation of a 'front-line creative brigade'
  • It will deploy musicians, singers, and circus artists to the frontline
  • Decision taken to boost the morale of its army fighting the war

Russia: Russia will now deploy singers, musicians, and circus artists to boost the morale of its army fighting the war in Ukraine for the last 10 months. The Russian Defense Ministry has said it will deploy musicians and singers to the frontline troop amid the war in Ukraine that has not reached a decisive conclusion yet. It also announced the formation of a ‘front-line creative brigade’, saying it would also include circus performers. Britain’s Ministry of Defense has given this information on the basis of information received from intelligence sources. 

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited frontline troops in Ukraine. In a statement on Telegram, the Defense Ministry said Shoigu flew around the areas of deployment of troops and assessed the position of Russian troops in the area of ​​the special military operation. The ministry said he interacted with soldiers deployed on the front line and command posts. However, Russia has not confirmed the visit of the Russian Defense Minister to the border areas yet. 

On the other hand, Ukraine’s military spokesman Serhiy Cherevaty said in a discussion with Ukrainian TV channels that they do not believe that the Russian Defense Minister is brave enough to travel to the battlefield! This has been claimed in Britain’s intelligence report. It has been said that the morale of the Russian army is weakening, due to which Russia is facing obstacles in fighting the war. 

Britain says that before the new creative brigade was formed, an appeal was made to the Russian public to donate their musical equipment. There is a historical practice of boosting the morale of soldiers through entertainment on the battlefield. Russia has decided to use it. For the unversed, Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year. The war is going on for the last 10 months. Amidst the severe cold, the forces of Ukraine and Russia are standing on the front. The tussle between the two sides continues without any conclusive decision as of now.

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