Russia Turns to Attrition One Month into War

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  • US President Joe Biden to arrive in Europe.
  • US President Joe Biden to arrive in Europe. 239,000 refugees from Ukraine displaced into Germany.
  • 4 sustain injuries as in Kyiv in overnight bombing.

Kyiv: Russian forces in Ukraine seems to be attriting failing to secure the hoped gains Putin planned while launching his ‘special military operation’ a month ago. On the 28th day, Russian saboteurs remain 15 km away from Kyiv to the Northwest and 30 km away to the East able to only bombard the city.  Despite mobilizing a convoy of 150000- 20000 soldiers Moscow has failed to anticipate anything other than resistance from Zelensky’s army. Roughly 7,000 soldiers of Putin’s force have died in the war.

President Joe Biden Wednesday departed for Europe on a mission to bolster Western unity, ramp up unprecedented sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and attempt to upset the post-Cold War balance of power.

According to the German Interior Ministry, around 239,000 refugees from Ukraine mostly children and women have arrived since the war began.

The Kyiv city administration on Wednesday said around 4 people sustained injuries as Russian forces shelled the region overnight damaging buildings in two districts. According to local authorities, a shopping mall, some private sector buildings and high-rises came under fire in the districts of Sviatoshynskyi and Shevchenkivsky.

 A bridge in the encircled city of Chernihiv, the region’s governor, Viacheslav Chaus informed. The destroyed bridge connected the city to the capital and helped in evacuation and humanitarian aid supply.

Explosions and bursts of gunfire shook Kyiv on Wednesday morning, and heavy artillery fire could be heard from the northwest, where Russian forces have sought to encircle and take the capital’s suburbs.

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