Russia Ukraine on the Brink of Nuclear War

Russia: The danger of using nuclear weapons has increased in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war for the last 10 months. Ukraine’s army claims that Russia is now preparing to use nuclear missiles. It is feared that if there is a nuclear attack, millions of people will be killed in a few hours. Ukrainian defense experts say ex-Soviet missiles used for nuclear strikes have been found on the battlefield. These experts also showed the pieces of these missiles to the media. 

Though Russia has not yet confirmed Ukraine’s claim yet, European countries have lost their sleep. Ukraine had claimed on Thursday that Russia has launched an attack on Ukraine with nuclear-capable missiles, according to reports by a leading daily. The attacks were carried out in the western part of Ukraine. 

Ukraine’s military official Mykola Danilyuk told reporters that Russia used nuclear missiles in the Lviv and Khmelnitsky areas. He also showed the media, parts of the X-55 cruise missiles. He said these attacks are being carried out with the intention of eliminating the country’s air defense system. He said that tests of radioactivity in the fragments of these missiles did not show abnormal levels. Meanwhile, Ukraine also claims that some of its European embassies are receiving “bloody packages” which contain Animal eyes. The packages have a foul smell with a distinctive color.

Notably, in the war between Russia and Ukraine, both sides have been attacking with drones for the last several months. Ukraine has received drone aircraft from America and Turkey. These drone planes have also caused huge damage to Russia. After this, Russia has also taken the help of Iran to retaliate strongly. With the help of Iranian drones, Russia has now made an effective headway against Ukraine. Defense experts say that if Russia launches a nuclear attack, it is estimated that 34 million people in Ukraine will be killed in just five hours

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