Russia-Ukraine War- Major Explosion at Kyiv, Iranian Drones Shot Down

Story Highlights
  • Loud noise heard in Kyiv today
  • Russia sent Iranian drones to the city
  • Ukraine mayor claims to have shot down 10 drones

Ukraine: A loud bang has been heard once again in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is being told that Russia has attacked many Iranian drones. However, the mayor of Kyiv has made a different claim. He has said that they have shot down 10 Iranian drones sent by Russia. Two government buildings in Ukraine have been destroyed in this attack by Russia. 

The information about how many people have been injured in this attack has not been revealed yet. Kyiv local official Vitali Klitschko wrote in a post on Telegram that municipal teams had arrived after the explosions. Officials said the Iranian-made ‘Shaheed’ drone was involved in the attack. Ukrainian officials say Russian forces are carrying out attacks elsewhere in the country.

Not only this, Ukraine is facing another strange situation in the war. Ukraine’s deputy intelligence chief, General Vadim Skibitsky, said that since October, Russia has been attacking with missiles that Ukraine handed over to Russia when it split from the Soviet Union in 1990. In fact, after breaking away from the Soviet Union in 1990, Ukraine had the world’s third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. 

General Skibitsky said that the wreckage of the KH-55 subsonic cruise missile, made in Ukraine in the 1970s, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, was found in the Khmelnytskyi area after the Russian attack. He pointed out that not only the missile was made in Ukraine, but the Tu-160 bomber that shot it down was also made in Ukraine.

Russia has ruined various cities in Ukraine with Iranian drones. Things have become dire. Russia launches a fresh attack from an Iranian drone in Odessa. Due to this, the electricity of about 15 lakh people was put off. These people have been forced to live in darkness. Emergency teams have been deployed to control the situation in Kyiv as of now.

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