Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine Suffers Massive Power Crisis

Ukraine: Due to the continuous attacks of Russia, the power crisis in Ukraine has taken a severe form. Almost all of Ukraine was without power for 48 hours after Russia’s missile attacks last week. In the midst of increasing cold, this crisis has put people in great trouble. In view of this, Ukraine has now appealed to European countries to help restore its power grid on a priority basis.

Western allies have said they have sent 37 shipments of power equipment to Ukraine. But whether that will help restore power across the country is not clear. That is why Ukraine has appealed to European countries to give more priority to help related to electricity. 

This appeal was made in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. In the Bucharest meeting of this organization of 30 countries, it was considered to provide fuel, generators, medical aid, and cold protection materials to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s power grid had to be divided into two parts due to Russian attacks last October. Since then Russia has targeted both grids. According to Russia, its aim is to stop the electricity supply in Ukraine, so that it can agree to negotiate with it without imposing harsh conditions.

According to Ukraine’s National Grid Ukrainergo, there was a 30 percent shortage of electricity in the country this Tuesday. Whereas at this time the temperature in Kyiv is running between zero to minus five degrees. In the coming few days, the temperature here will drop to minus 10 to minus 20 degree Celsius. It is feared that a large number of people may die if there is not enough electricity at that time.

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