Russian Bombings Killed 352 Civilians: Sources

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  • Armed Russian militia was seen wandering on the outskirts of the Kyiv.
  • 352 civilians died and half a million displaced since Thursday.
  • 12 Russian diplomats expelled from UN.

Kyiv: A huge convoy of Russian saboteurs was mustering on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital on Tuesday morning ground sources reported amidst the fear of launch of devastating assaults as Putin alert his nuclear army on  Monday.

After reports of assault made rounds, several stranded urged their countries to make arrangements on lines of the Indian government’s strategy to lift its citizens from the war-hit country, China on Tuesday commenced evacuation of its nationals. Meanwhile, the US also expelled 12 diplomats from Russia’s mission to the UN, citing ‘ espionage activities’ which the UN describes as a ‘hostile action’ and gross violation of the commitments by the US, which hosts the headquarters of the body.

As per local reports, 5 civilians died, 23 were injured in shelling on Donetsk in the last 24 hours. According to the UN, 5,00,000 refugees have fled the country into neighbouring lands. Meanwhile, more than 70 servicemen were killed in Russian shelling on a military base in Okthyrka, Northeastern Summy Region, said regional governor General Dmytro Zhyvytskyy. Overall, 352 civilian killings have been reported by the local authorities.

The delegations from Ukraine and Russia held a dialogue at Belarus’ border, with ceasefire as Ukraine’s main motto. The two sides held talks at Pryipat River on the border, north of Chernobyl, an area that is currently capsized by Russians. Analysing the results of the talk, said Zelensky after the delegations returned from a 6-hour long meet. The two leaders would meet in the coming day, sources report.

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