Russian Forces 30km from Capital: Ukraine Defence Ministry

Story Highlights
  • Russians 30 km away from capital- Ukraine Defence Ministry
  • 198 Ukrainian civilians dead so far.
  • France to provide ammunition support to Zelensky country.

Kyiv: Russian forces continue to advance towards Kyiv said the Ukraine Ministry of Defence, as the explosions reverberated through the city. The Ukrainian Armed forces continuing their resistance against the Russian saboteurs said they were 30 km from the centre.

Meanwhile, ground sources reported disruption of internet services, especially in the southern and eastern parts of the country where the fighting has been heaviest.  They further added that nearly 10,000 Ukrainians were displaced into Poland since the invasion.

According to the Ukrainian health minister, 198 civilians were killed during the bombarding and 1,000 of them were injured. His statement further informed the death of three children.

Earlier during the day, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said he spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron this morning. “A new day on the diplomatic frontline began with a conversation with @EmmanuelMacron. Weapons and equipment from our partners are on the way to Ukraine. The anti-war coalition is working!” he tweeted. The tweet confirmed that France would be providing defensive equipment to Ukraine in its war against Russia.

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