Russian Forces Advance Towards Kharkiv: Ukraine Defence

Story Highlights
  • Russian head towards Kharkiv after targeting city capital Kyiv.
  • Ukraine forms ‘legion’ for foreign support.
  • Strictest sanctions of modern times imposed on Russia.

Kyiv: Ukrainian forces in Kyiv are holding off the Russian saboteurs and remain in full control of the capital, said the deputy head of State Administration Mykola Povorozynk on Sunday.

President Ukraine also announced the establishment of a foreign ‘legion’ for volunteers from abroad. In a statement on Sunday, Zelensky said, “This will be the key evidence of your support for our country’.

Meanwhile, ground reports indicated that The Russian forces entered Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv. Simultaneously an air blast was heard from the west in Kyiv, which led to the air sirens minutes later. The Russian Defence announces to have captured the ‘Southern Ukrainian cities completely’.

Earlier on Saturday, the EU nations and the United States agreed to impose the most potentially crippling financial penalties yet on Ukraine. The allies blocked the central bank reserves that underpin the Russian economy and severed some banks from a vital global financial network.  The intensity of sanctions stepped up as the ex-Soviet Union battled to hold back enemy forces from the capital. Tensions escalated as the residents sheltered in bunkers, underground metros, subway tunnels, basements.

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