Russian Shelling in Kherson Kills Two; Zelenskyy Hold Conversation with Macron

KYIV: Nearly two people have been killed and another five wounded after Russian troops shelled the southern region of Kherson, the governor has said.

Exiled Ukrainian authorities confirmed that Ukaranian forces attacked occupied Melitopol in the country’s southeast. Pro-Moscow authorities claim two people were killed and ten were injured.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and France discuss Kyiv’s 10-point peace plan. President Zelenskyy spoke to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and discussed the implementation of his 10-step peace plan formula to end the war with Russia.“Had a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron. Synchronized positions on the eve of G7 online summit and Ukraine support conference in Paris. Discussed the implementation of our ten-step peace formula, cooperation on defence and energy stability of Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said on Twitter.

All non-critical infrastructure in the Ukrainian port of Odesa is without power after Russia used Iranian-made drones to hit two energy facilities, leaving 1.5 million people without electricity.

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