Russians Pay Huge Prices to Leave the Country Amidst Border Closure Scare

Story Highlights
  • Russian mobilization exodus accelerates amid rising fears of border closure.
  • Wealthy citizens pay bomb price for seats on a flight to the neighbouring lands.
  • Russia to close borders by Wednesday.

Moscow: Wealthy citizens after Putin’s announcement have been seen paying exorbitant prices for seats on private planes to reach Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, which allow Russians visa-free entry. The cost for the seats on private planes is between £20,000 and £25,000. While the price to rent an eight-seater jet ranges between £80.000 and £140,000, several times more expensive than what it would normally cost, according to media reports.

Flight operators to neighbouring countries have either sold out tickets or are selling them at astronomical prices.

Tens of thousands of conscription-age Russian men have fled to neighboring countries in recent days amid growing fears that the Kremlin is likely to impose an exit ban in an attempt to retain manpower reserves. Russia could close its borders to those eligible for mobilization as early as Wednesday, as per media reports.

The sense of a closing window has led to unruly scenes on Russia’s land borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia countries that do not require a visa for visiting Russians. Media reports have shown a crush at Russia’s sole border crossing with Georgia in the foothills of the greater Caucasus mountains.

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