Sabuj Biswas, MP Resident Who Dodged Governor House Bombing

Story Highlights
  • Sabu Biswas, a resident of MP ditched bombing with a difference of 30 minutes.
  • Sabuj was heading to board the train towards Ukraine border.
  • He is a final year MBBS student at Kharkiv International Medical University.

Bhopal: A matter of 30 minutes and how Sabuj Biswas ditched death comes as news of fear for the family. Sabuj Biswas, an aspiring doctor escaped the shelling in Kharkiv to which Naveen SG succumbed.

Spurred by his father’s plea, it was just 30 minutes after Sabuj left the Ukraine capital and the Russians sabotaged a grocery store. Interacting with the reporters, Sabuj’s father, Dr Sukumar Biswas shared Sabuj’s close shave. “We were terribly worried for him. He was living in bomb shelters for the past three days. We spoke over the phone sometimes but the network was very poor. This morning, he told me that three trains were available to move out of Kharkiv, said the father.

We are fortunate that he left the city in time. We are sorry to hear that a boy lost his life in an attack shortly thereafter- said anxious Dr Sukumar expressing grief over Naveen’s death.

Sabuj is a final year student of a family residing in Dindori, 500 km east of Bhopal. Sabuj is pursuing his medical education at Kharkiv International Medical University. Sabuj reportedly boarded a train arranged by the Ukrainian govt at 10 am after walking an area close to the governor’s house where bombs were hurled at civilians.

Asked why he didn’t depart after the first advisory, Biswas said that since the tickets were unavailable, Sabuj couldn’t make it. Sabuj on Tuesday evening headed towards the Hungary border, from where he would fly to India. “ We are waiting for him. We can’t sleep till we see him, said the emotionally stressed father.”

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