Salman Khan Death Threat: Police Discover UK Link

MUMBAI: As per latest updates in Salman Khan death threat case, a link to a UK based mobile number has unveiled. According to police sources, the e-mail ID though which the mail was sent did not reveal much but it has been found the mail was linked to a mobile number based in the UK.

The police is now trying to trace the person to whom this number belongs and understand his connections to Bishnoi and the cause of animosity with Salman Khan.

On Saturday, last week Salman Khan recieved death threats for which the Mumbai Police booked jailed gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar and Rohit Garg.

Khan was provided with Y+ category security and moreover his multistarrer show De-bang in Kolkata was also cancelled. Organizers however debunked the news and stated the show was postponed and would be held in May-June.

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