21 Year Old Detained for Sending Death Threats To Salman Khan

A 21year old man was detained on Sunday for sending a threatening email to Bollywood Bhaijan- Salman Khan. The email that read-You will end up like Sidhu Moosewala was sent to the actor’s office 2-3 days ago.

In a joint operation launched by the Rajasthan police and the Mumbai police, the accused identified as Dhakad Ram Bishnoi was arrested on Sunday. A resident of Siyagaon ki Dhani in Rochi Kalan village Jodhpur is already facing charges under the Arms act and is on bail currently. The threat as the police details were informed to the Bandra PS by Prashant Gunjalkar who runs an artist Mangament company and is Salman’ frequent guest.

The email that was noticed by Gunjalkar read-

This is the second time in week that Salman Khan has recieved death threats, Earlier on March 18th, Khan received a similar threat from jailed gangsters Goldy Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi.

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