Sanju Tripath Murder: Main Accused Nabbed

RAIPUR: 13 persons along with main accused Kapil Tripathi has been detained in connection to the murder of Congress leader Sanju Tripathi, police said on Monday. Main accused Kapil Tripathi was arrested from Lucknow Expressway. He was trying to escape to Nepal, said police who detained him. While his aide Prema Shrivas was detained in Pragyaraj, officials added.

Amongst the other detained include Jai Narayana Tripathi, and wife of Kapil Tiwari. They were arrested from Bilaspur while Ashish Tiwari and Bharat Tiwari are amongst those arrested from New Delhi.

Sanju Tripathi was murdered on Dec 15 while he was driving. Investigation revealed the murder was a fall out of property dispute. As per reports, Sanju pressurized his father to hand over the property to him. It is also learned that he had threatened to kill the accused his brother Kapil Tripathi. Following which Jai Narayana Tripathi step sister of victim and his brother conspired to kill him.

As per police reports, accuseds friend Prema Shrivas bought a country made pistol from a Jharkand supplier to execute the murder.

So far 13 have been arrested by separate teams that were formed.

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