Sankalp Satyagrah: Youth Congress Workers Detained by Delhi Police

NEW DELHI: Several Youth Congress members were detained by the Delhi Police as the protests launched by the grand old party against the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as LokSabha MP entered Day 2. In a rare display of unity, the TMC joined the protests today for the first time and participated in the ‘black’ protest.

In the meanwhile, BJP MPs staged a protest in front of the Shivaji statue in Parliament against Rahul Gandhi’s Sarvarkar comments.

Earlier in the day, Prasun Banerjee and Jawahar Sircar were seen donning black and attending the meeting at the Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s office indicating a major shift of the Mamata Banerjee’s party since it announced distancing from both BJP and Congress. Rival BRS from Telangana also joined the protest along with Shiv Sena.

“We have been in every protest and walk out since the first day, never not joined one. The question of walking together is due symbolism, which we undertook today – a special mark of solidarity against coordinated and undemocratic attacks on everyone,” Jawhar Sircar said.

Reacting to the surprise move, Kharge welcomed anyone who came forward to ‘protect democracy’.

On Day 1 of the “Sankalp Satyagrah”, Priyanka Gandhi, accused the BJP of insulting Rahul Gandhi and the members of the Nehru-Gandhi family every day at the outside Rajghat.

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