Saudi Arabia to Introduce Yoga in Universities

RIYADH: In a first, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to introduce yoga in its universities due to its significance for mental and physical health benefits a source said.

Saudi Yoga Committee President Nouf Al-Marwaai revealed that several agreements will be signed with major universities in Saudi Arabia to support and promote yoga over the next few months.

In the fourth session, titled “Development and Promotion of New Sports Games in Universities,” Al-Marwaai explained that the committee was striving hard to introduce yoga to universities, emphasizing the importance of practising it for health and wellness, reported media houses.

Saudi Arabia organized the country’s first yoga festival in Jan last year. More than 1,000 people from across Saudi Arabia flocked to Juman Park in King Abdullah Economic City in 2022 to take part in event that was organized by the Saudi Yoga Committee.

In December last year, Saudi Yoga committee in Jeddah organized a workshop under the aegis ‘ Arab Youth Empowerment Program’.

Arab countries like UAE, Oman, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Alegria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania participated in the event. The program aims to introduce the Arab youth delegations to the sporting, cultural and recreational developments in the region, including yoga.

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