Saudi Arabia Begins Construction of NEOM City’s ‘The Line’

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has begun construction of The Line mega project at Neom in Tabuk Province, drone footage revealed by Saudi Arabia-based OT Sky drone company showed.

The video shows numerous excavators at work and building a wide trench in the middle of nowhere inside which the foundation of the linear city will be laid. When complete the project will be 105 miles (170 km) long but residents of the city can expect to move across the city’s ends in no more than 20 minutes.

It will be the first city in the world to be powered by renewable energy, including wind, solar, and hydrogen power. Residents of The Line will live in interconnected societies run by artificial intelligence designed to coexist with nature.

In July, NEOM unveiled the first glimpses of the futuristic city that was not just long but tall as well. Unlike modern cities that build infrastructure to move vehicles, The Line is designed to be people-centric and strip away the need for private vehicles as all facilities needed are expected to be within walking distance. The futuristic development will prioritise walkability, clean energy and technology to create a new way of living.

Four other developments, Neom Bay, Aqaba Region, Neom Mountain and Neom Industrial City, are intended to surround The Line.

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