SC Relief for Pawan Khera; Assam and UP Govt to List FIRs on Feb 27th

NEW DELHI: The SC hearing the plea filed by Khera where she sought protection from arrest said that the former would be granted interim bail by Delhi court. It has sought a response from the Assam and UP govt on clubbing multiple FIRs against the Congress leader by Feb 27th.

There has been some level of discourse we are protecting you, said Chief justice DY Chandrachud while granting relief to the senior Congress leader.

The Assam police after detaining Khera had stated that it liked to file a response to his writ petition for protection from arrest in the FIR against him.

Meanwhile, CG CM Baghel has salvos the BJP-led union govt calling Khera’s detention a conspiracy to disturb the 85th plenary session of the Congress starting in Raipur.

“The BJP-led Centre has been trying to disturb us to ensure the plenary session is not held successfully. Therefore, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids at the premises of our party leaders (in Raipur on Monday). Yesterday too raids were held at offices of three departments in bid to disturb the state government,” Baghel said.

Khera was detained by the Assam police after being deplaned from a Raipur-bound IndiGoflight in connection with his alleged remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Queried about the alleged remarks that got Khera in trouble, Baghel said BJP leaders too have used objectionable words and statements against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as well as former prime minister Manmohan Singh.
Baghel said former CM and senior BJP leader Raman Singh had called him a demon once but no action was taken.
“The prime minister and Union minister Amit Shah have said so many things against our leaders in Parliament and outside. When you spit toward the sun (sky) it will fall on your own face. If you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you,” Baghel said.

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