School book describes dark skin with ‘U’ for ‘Ugly’, parents expresses disgust

Story Highlights
  • Book taken as a reference in govt aided Municipal Girls High School in Burdwan
  • Illustration describes letter U as ugly with a picture of a black person
  • Parents raised their voice in protest against this malpractice

West Bengal: The world has been fighting racism in the era of coronavirus. The protests against racism have dominated all over the country. Many students and teachers have come up to fight against the imaginary perspective of beauty. A similar incident has occurred in the Burdwan district of West Bengal where the educational institution has been charged to spread racism among the students. 

Many parents expressed anger over the system of education that has been imparted in the schools. 

 A textbook has been found where the letter ‘U’ stands for ‘Ugly’ and the image beside the letter has described a ‘Black’ person in the Municipal Girls High School of Burdwan. The parents showed a sign of disgust and marched towards the District Inspector of School Primary Education. The school has been a recognized Government institution with a record of being one of the best in town. 

A teacher of Kolkata Bangabasi (Evening) College, Sudip Majumdar raised her voice against such colour discrimination being taught in school.

Swapan Kumar Dutt, the district inspector of School Primary Education has not initially spoken a word, was later found to add that the book was not provided officially to the school along with criticising the type of education being provided to the students. Further, he added that he would look into the matter and discuss it with the school.

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