Schools In The US To Reopen Soon; Biden Releases Guidelines

Story Highlights
  • Schools in the US to follow guidelines laid by the CDC
  • Biden promises utmost safety measures to be followed on the premises
  • A collaboration between the Education department and private bodies to be initiated

World: US President Biden Friday released guidelines for safely resuming schools amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

An official statement released by the President said “One of my goals as President is to reopen America’s schools as quickly and as safely as possible. In our first three weeks in office, we’ve made progress. Today more schools are open to more students during the pandemic than was the case under my predecessor.”

As per the guidelines by CDC, appropriate distancing is to be maintained in classrooms and on school buses, masks are a mandate along with vigorous hand washing methods to be followed.

Mr Biden discussed the guidelines that the schools will have to follow. An increased allocation of teachers and support staff will be done. The classroom sizes and timings will be reset. Schools will deploy more buses to maintain distanced travelling, introduce protective equipment in the premises, enhance housekeeping services to reduce the spread of the virus.

Biden emphasized the importance of educators considering them frontline workers who do everything to educate and protect the students, despite the lack of resources.

He further added ” We have sacrificed so much in the last year. But science tells us that if we support our children, educators, and communities with the resources they need, we can get kids back to school safely in more parts of the country sooner.”

Concluding his declaration Biden said that once his Secretary of Education confirmed, a collaboration between the private institutions and the government will be initiated to procure complete safety.

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