Second Budget Session of Parliament to Resume from Monday

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  • The Upper house to have additional 19 business hours.
  • The house will run from 11 am-6pm with a one hour lunch break.
  • The first Budget Session concluded on February 11,2022.

New Delhi: In the second session of Budget resuming from 14th March, Rajya Sabha would get additional 19 hours of business time said officials in the know on Friday. With this, the sittings in the upper house would increase by one hour per sitting. Overall, it will get 64 hours and 30 minutes to transact the government’s legislative business and take up the issues of public importance.

The upper house will have four days for Private Member’s Business. The Question Hour will continue to be for one hour while the Zero Hour which was reduced to half an hour during the first part will now be restored to its full one-hour time. It will sit from 11 am to 6 pm during the 19 sittings with a one-hour lunch break.

The Budget session resumed after a hiatus of 30 days during which the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committees (DRSCs)’ examined the Demands for Grants of various ministries and departments. Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu is likely to give an account of the working during this recess of the DRSCs of Rajya Sabha in the House on Monday.

The first session concluded on February 11, 2022, with 10 sittings that recorded a productivity of 101.4 per cent.

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