Selling Chinese Manja- a Punishable Offence Under NSA: Norttam Mishra

BHOPAL: Despite several re-iterations and bans; the sale of Chinese Manja ahead of the Makar Sakranti has gone unabated across the city markets. The demand for the Chinese Manja also known as the ‘Tangus manja’ soars high as the season kite flying season approaches.

In view of the rising sale of illegal Chinese Manja, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra has issued a warning. Interacting with the media reporters today he said warned the illegal dealers to quit or else be ready to face the consequences like those in Ujjain. He added that those selling the Manja will be punished under NSA.

The house of an illegal dealer of Chinese Manja, Hitesh was brought down on Tuesday by the Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC). The accused was identified through Jai and Sonu local sellers who were nabbed red-handed from Bharatpuri road while they were selling the Manja. The accused as per reports possessed 32 bundles of the same.

Police have intensified the search and made several arrests to ensure the selling of the Manja. The use of Chineses Manja has been banned in view of the injuries and death among birds and humans. The Manja made of nylon or synthetic thread is treated with glass and metal to make it sharper. Despite being banned, it is the most favoured Manja amongst people during the Kit flying season.

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