Senior Baghel Took a Jal Samadhi; Demands Centre’s Approval for Ethanol from Paddy

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  • Nand kumar Baghel took a Jal Samadhi at Mahadev Ghat in Raipur today.
  • Chhattisgarh urges centre tl permit state to produce ethanol from paddy.
  • Security at the ghat was heightened.

Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh CMs father, Nand Kumar Baghel took to Jal Samadhi on Monday morning at Mahadev Ghat in Raipur.

According to sources, the Jal Samadhi by the senior Baghel is in demands against the centre govt to permit the state to produce ethanol from paddy. Reportedly, Nand Kumar Baghel reached the ghat with an acquaintance from the party this morning to take Jal Samadhi. The security was intensified and divers were deployed to manage any unforeseen situations.

Chhattisgarh had earlier experimented the idea of using jatropha seeds for biofuel production for years but the ambitious scheme failed due to various reasons including a shortage in seed supply. Shaking off its failure, Chattisgarh often considered as India’s rice bowl, is now planning to make biofuel from paddy.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel expressed resentment against the central government for not permitting Chhattisgarh for ethanol production from paddy, during the recent meet with CMs of all states.

Addressing the inaugural event of the two-day ‘Vanijya Utsav’ in Raipur on 21 September, the Chief Minister emphasised that Chhattisgarh is rich in natural resources and carries immense potential for industry and trade. 

“The state is known as the rice bowl of the world. Nowhere in the world produces so many varieties of rice. We used to export steel and rice primarily. The state has the resources of land, forest and water. Plus we also have the minerals. Bhilai Steel plant had proved to be the backbone of the economy of the state. That was the beginning of the industrial journey of Chhattisgarh,” said Mr Baghel.

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