Senior Supervisor Investigating Goods Train Derailment

Story Highlights
  • On Friday around 7:45 am the engine of a coal loaded goods train derailed at the cross line.
  • Senior supervisors have started investigation in the matter of derailment of goods train.
  • The investigation reports will be submitted by team in 2-3 days.

Bilaspur: The team of senior supervisors has started an investigation in the matter of derailment of a goods train in the railway yard. The report of this team will come in a day or two. After this, the team of officers will investigate the incident and find out who is responsible for this negligence. Around 7:45 am on Friday, the engine of a coal loaded goods train suddenly derailed at the cross line. The wheels of the engine sank to the ground as soon as it derailed.

Due to this incident, the operation of trains was disrupted for hours. It is big negligence by the railway department. However, whose negligence it is, it has not been proved yet. The senior supervisor team has been ordered to investigate. In the event of a derailment, the supervisor conducts the investigation first. During the investigation, each point is closely examined. The investigation team has been asked to submit the report soon. Only after the investigation, a team of officers is formed to carry out the course of action.

On the other hand, the speed of trains has been controlled at the site of the incident. Trains passing through the cross line are running at the speed of 5 kmph. In the investigation of the team of officers, it will become clear whose fault was. After the investigation is done, departmental action will be taken against the guilty as per rules.

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